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Dolla, Dolla, Dolla That’s What I Need

Posted in Spoken! on May 10, 2011 by shammieg

Although I had gone to bed late last night after guitar lessons (You didn’t read wrong, I said guitar) and a Mcdonald’s induced coma, I still managed to get out of bed reasonably early. Now you’re probably wondering why I would ever wake up before 10am considering what you already know about me (I’m unemployed…) but that’s neither here nor there.

The reason I got up was for one unknown to all but 2 people who I had enough courage to tell. Yesterday afternoon I was offered a job interview which was supposed to take place today at 11am, however they failed to tell me where the interview was to be held and also did not leave any contact information, nor did they respond to my e-mails after the fact. 11am hit and I decided I should take the initiative in finding their contact info somewhere online, so I googled “Molly Maid” and went from there… I’ll pause to give you the time to picture me, then picture the molly maid vehicles with pink their pink text, and finally me working for them. No, not in the office – yes, as a cleaning lady person!

Laugh it up! I’ll wait…

So yeah, after looking them up I realized that there was no point in calling. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough that I was excited about an interview there which they didn’t honour, I wasn’t about to call and beg for for another one.

What could have been

Probably 30 or so minutes after I decided not to call, I received a call about an interview. Two questions into the phone portion of the interview my cell dropped the call. Luckily I was able to call back and leave a message on the machine with my house phone number and received another call shortly.

The phone interview was going well until she asked,

“So are you done school… or? Going back in September maybe?”

Not wanting to lie, completely anyway, I responded,

“Well, I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier this past April and I’m planning to take some time off. Might apply to a few programs next year or so” – I had a smile on my face at this point.

She answered, with “Oh… Well, I’ll leave you with my number as we’re looking for permanent full-time employees. Call me back if things change and you think you want to be with us for a few years”

Now, her response would have been cool and all if we were talking about a legitimate job that paid at least $25/hr. But no, this job is for a call centre that pays $13.50/hr. Realistically, who the hell is trying to spend ‘a few years’ at a job like that with little to no opportunity for advancement?!

Needless to say I called back and left a message saying things have changed and I’m looking to be a Call Centre Lifer…

You would too!


Black Cards Black Cars

Posted in Spoken! on April 30, 2010 by shammieg

I was in the grocery store earlier today when I had the great idea to let the rest of the internet in on a cool secret act I perform on the regular to make myself feel better.

As everybody already knows (from my amazing subtitle) I’m broke. I should probably edit it though seeing as I’m not so infamous these days considering the increase in status that my blog has enabled me to achieve. Anyway, the bottom line is that student life has me, like everyone else, living a life stricken by poverty and shortcomings.

Unfortunately for me OSAP (student assistance for those unaware) doesn’t give me too much to work with. I have a few friends who get enough to buy cars and live in amazing apartments, purchase flat screen televisions and even exotic dancers for parties TRUE STORY among other things.

And then there are people like myself who don’t even get enough for the important things. It would be great if I even got enough to cover my entire tuition for once. But that’s neither here nor there!

So anyway, like most broke people I figured the best thing to do would be to get a credit card. But not just any credit card.. This time I made sure it was from a different bank so that I wouldn’t have to see the balance everyday when I log into online banking and having it hinder my mood.

Now because I have no income it’s a pretty big deal when I get that $62 GST cheque from the government in the mail. It boosts my confidence to wake up and see that $62 still looking back at me. So days like today when I go to buy that 99 cent can of Arizona and I think to myself

“Yeah, I can pay for this with my debit card”

Then I immediately think

“Hold up, I can pay for this with my credit card and it’s like I’m not losing money at all”

This way you still feel like you have money in you account even though you know that at the end of the month you’re not going to have it. At least this gives you the satisfaction of being in control and the illusion of having money for a 4-week period!

Genius? I know!

Tip: I advise getting a card with an extremely low limit ’cause times get hard

Thank you, Thank you, You’re Far Too Kind!

Posted in Spoken! on April 29, 2010 by shammieg

Tomorrow marks Why So SRS’ first birthday. It was almost this time last year that I decided I was so incredibly bored that I would write about nothing in an attempt to have people read it. Apparently I was successful considering the surprising amount of people that have approached me in person and commented about my blog.

It’s still funny how many people express to me how surprised they are that I’m able to write the way I do. I can’t help to think that it’s because I’m black.

Just playin’. Thanks to everyone who has turned to my words as an escape from an essay or something equally important throughout the past year. Deeply appreciated

I know I’m not the one you thought you knew back in high school

– Sum 41

Whether You Louie Vuittoned Up Or Reebokin’

Posted in Spoken! on March 15, 2010 by shammieg

I’ve always wondered if people ever make the parallel between my blog titles and what I write about… But anyway.

Until approximately 13 minutes ago I was unaware of one of the latest social networking fads. Most of you reading this have probably heard of it by now as I’m pretty sure I’m just a bit late in getting to it. Thank God..

A friend of mine updated his facebook status and it had said something like, “omg I just spoke with Jessica Alba on Chatroulette” and although she is no Rachel Mcadams I figured I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to possibly have a webcam one-on-one with such a fine specimen.

Without hesitation I googled “chatroulette” and found the link. The concept seemed pretty cool, everything is completely anonymous and the website links your webcam and microphone to a random person who also happens to be on the site.

Are you enticed? Go check it out see if you have the same reaction I had I’ll wait…











The first thing you probably noticed was the amount of male genitalia all over the site. It seems that at some point someone thought it would be funny to position their camera at waist level and stroke their pud for hundreds of viewers to stumble upon. The first time I saw it I quickly opted to find a “new random stranger” and I kid you not the next 7 in a row were dicks and the next 5 after that a mixture of dicks and guys with their shirts off probably as if girls are going to just submit to them.

Bro, if it doesn’t work in person it probably isn’t going work in this setting either. But I guess to each their own.

If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to browse the site for 15 minutes and in that time I guarantee at least 3 saggy old naked men. I’d post photo proof, but I think you’d prefer your vision and that 3 seconds of your life.

Steppin’ Up

Posted in Spoken! on February 8, 2010 by shammieg

It’s Monday and I’m back in Cell Bio. This lecture is just as boring as any other, so it got me to playing with my phone yet again.

It just dawned on me that maybe BlackBerry App World would have some sort of blogging app so I wouldn’t have to attempt loading my blog on this bootleg 3G network. It just so happens that WordPress released a free app so that I can easily blog from anywhere.

So basically I’m going to be going to town on posting while this app still interests me. Just gotta figure out how to load some videos now…

Beer Drinkers

Posted in Spoken! on September 29, 2009 by shammieg

For all who are fans of a nice ice cold beer I suggest that you start buying cases of James Ready 5.5. Why?

BECAUSE THEY NOW PRINT A QUOTE I SUBMITTED LAST YEAR UNDER THE CAP!  Tell everyone to look for a quote by “-Shomar” 😉

Call me what you want, just don’t call me collect.

Posted in Spoken! on September 29, 2009 by shammieg

I know everyone can relate to this so believe me when I say I’m not trying to highlight my life! I guess you can call this a quick rant in an attempt to vent. No matter what school you attend and whether it be a College or University the work loads can be pretty ridiculous. All of us are spending a serious amount of time and paper so that we can receive a piece of paper enabling us to work for a set amount of time and regenerate paper.

Now regardless of how much or how little work, and how high or low a grade is given our Professors are still making the same amount of money. And it is for that reason that I don’t understand how so many can feel the need to assign 50 page readings as if you haven’t received 50 page readings in each of your other 4 classes the same day. Not to mention that you have to GO to the actual lecture which more often than not has a lab or tutorial that accompanies it.

Don’t make no damn sense!


Drop a line so I don’t feel alone 😦