Okay I’m Back Up On My Griiiiind~

It’s been a couple hours shy of 2 months since my last post and I’ve noticed that people still check from time to time if I’ve made any posts.. Or at least that’s what the stats counter shows me.

Since my last update there have been many new and exciting occurrences in my life. The first and most devastating being that the Green Goblin, a.k.a my Honda Civic that has been providing many of you with rides to parties, lunch, grocery stores since high school finally gave out on me at 430,000km (Interesting fact – That’s 11.73 trips to Beijing and back). It pains me to say that there will be no more videos of myself in that car 😦

Secondly, I got a J-O-B. No, I’m not working in some random town, nor am I cleaning for Molly Maid. Instead I found a job staining fences with a spray gun – Breeeeeeeeeeeezy. Especially considering the amount of rain days we’ve had recently.

I guess those are the only two new and exciting things that have happened in the past two months which makes me realize how lame I am in actuality. But I defy anyone to try and top me!

I’m feelin’ kinda modern so I’m gonna drop another video real soon. It’s going to be epic.

One more thing….


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