Dolla, Dolla, Dolla That’s What I Need

Although I had gone to bed late last night after guitar lessons (You didn’t read wrong, I said guitar) and a Mcdonald’s induced coma, I still managed to get out of bed reasonably early. Now you’re probably wondering why I would ever wake up before 10am considering what you already know about me (I’m unemployed…) but that’s neither here nor there.

The reason I got up was for one unknown to all but 2 people who I had enough courage to tell. Yesterday afternoon I was offered a job interview which was supposed to take place today at 11am, however they failed to tell me where the interview was to be held and also did not leave any contact information, nor did they respond to my e-mails after the fact. 11am hit and I decided I should take the initiative in finding their contact info somewhere online, so I googled “Molly Maid” and went from there… I’ll pause to give you the time to picture me, then picture the molly maid vehicles with pink their pink text, and finally me working for them. No, not in the office – yes, as a cleaning lady person!

Laugh it up! I’ll wait…

So yeah, after looking them up I realized that there was no point in calling. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough that I was excited about an interview there which they didn’t honour, I wasn’t about to call and beg for for another one.

What could have been

Probably 30 or so minutes after I decided not to call, I received a call about an interview. Two questions into the phone portion of the interview my cell dropped the call. Luckily I was able to call back and leave a message on the machine with my house phone number and received another call shortly.

The phone interview was going well until she asked,

“So are you done school… or? Going back in September maybe?”

Not wanting to lie, completely anyway, I responded,

“Well, I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier this past April and I’m planning to take some time off. Might apply to a few programs next year or so” – I had a smile on my face at this point.

She answered, with “Oh… Well, I’ll leave you with my number as we’re looking for permanent full-time employees. Call me back if things change and you think you want to be with us for a few years”

Now, her response would have been cool and all if we were talking about a legitimate job that paid at least $25/hr. But no, this job is for a call centre that pays $13.50/hr. Realistically, who the hell is trying to spend ‘a few years’ at a job like that with little to no opportunity for advancement?!

Needless to say I called back and left a message saying things have changed and I’m looking to be a Call Centre Lifer…

You would too!


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