Virgin Mobile’s “On The House” Environmental Challenge

Dear Student’s living in Off-Campus Housing,

Last months leftovers? Pizza boxes? Tea bags? Coffee grinds? Pencil shavings? Paper plates? Smelly overfull garbage? You’re preaching to the right people and 43 Ezra has your solution. As part of the “On the House” Virgin Mobile contest the girls of 43 Ezra Ave have prepared an environmental solution for a common problem amongst university students. Did you know that the average human being produces 29 pounds of garbage per week and a whopping 1,600 pounds of garbage per year? The average Canadian sends one tonne of garbage to a local landfill every year and over 37% of that waste can be composted. As university students, we may appear to be the “average” human, but our consumption habits and thus the amount of waste we generate speak a very different story. All students, don’t you dare deny it. Student housing may provide us with recycling bins, but it is a proven fact that with a compost in our homes we can reduce our waste output by 1/3 and give back to the environment in so many positive ways! In our part of giving back to the environment and being environmentally conscious, the girls of 43 Ezra are getting a compost for our house and further are going to ask the landlord to place a larger scale compost in the backyard so that we can build a better, though maybe stinky environmentally friendly community and we are asking all of our neighbours to join us! We’ve contacted the Region of Waterloo Green Bin Organics Program and free of charge they are setting us up with a compost and you all can do the same! Check out this link!

Oh and don’t forget to vote for us by following this link!


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