Call me what you want, just don’t call me collect.

I know everyone can relate to this so believe me when I say I’m not trying to highlight my life! I guess you can call this a quick rant in an attempt to vent. No matter what school you attend and whether it be a College or University the work loads can be pretty ridiculous. All of us are spending a serious amount of time and paper so that we can receive a piece of paper enabling us to work for a set amount of time and regenerate paper.

Now regardless of how much or how little work, and how high or low a grade is given our Professors are still making the same amount of money. And it is for that reason that I don’t understand how so many can feel the need to assign 50 page readings as if you haven’t received 50 page readings in each of your other 4 classes the same day. Not to mention that you have to GO to the actual lecture which more often than not has a lab or tutorial that accompanies it.

Don’t make no damn sense!


Drop a line so I don’t feel alone 😦


One Response to “Call me what you want, just don’t call me collect.”

  1. i have all those books ha!
    i feel your pain!!

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