Okay I’m Back Up On My Griiiiind~

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It’s been a couple hours shy of 2 months since my last post and I’ve noticed that people still check from time to time if I’ve made any posts.. Or at least that’s what the stats counter shows me.

Since my last update there have been many new and exciting occurrences in my life. The first and most devastating being that the Green Goblin, a.k.a my Honda Civic that has been providing many of you with rides to parties, lunch, grocery stores since high school finally gave out on me at 430,000km (Interesting fact – That’s 11.73 trips to Beijing and back). It pains me to say that there will be no more videos of myself in that car 😦

Secondly, I got a J-O-B. No, I’m not working in some random town, nor am I cleaning for Molly Maid. Instead I found a job staining fences with a spray gun – Breeeeeeeeeeeezy. Especially considering the amount of rain days we’ve had recently.

I guess those are the only two new and exciting things that have happened in the past two months which makes me realize how lame I am in actuality. But I defy anyone to try and top me!

I’m feelin’ kinda modern so I’m gonna drop another video real soon. It’s going to be epic.

One more thing….


Look What I Can Do!

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I’ve been having trouble getting this video right, must be something to do with Friday 13th. Anyhow, the audio drops around 3:25 for a few seconds.

Basically I’m just saying how the front of my mouth is swollen which enables me to do some spectacular things with my face.

Dolla, Dolla, Dolla That’s What I Need

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Although I had gone to bed late last night after guitar lessons (You didn’t read wrong, I said guitar) and a Mcdonald’s induced coma, I still managed to get out of bed reasonably early. Now you’re probably wondering why I would ever wake up before 10am considering what you already know about me (I’m unemployed…) but that’s neither here nor there.

The reason I got up was for one unknown to all but 2 people who I had enough courage to tell. Yesterday afternoon I was offered a job interview which was supposed to take place today at 11am, however they failed to tell me where the interview was to be held and also did not leave any contact information, nor did they respond to my e-mails after the fact. 11am hit and I decided I should take the initiative in finding their contact info somewhere online, so I googled “Molly Maid” and went from there… I’ll pause to give you the time to picture me, then picture the molly maid vehicles with pink their pink text, and finally me working for them. No, not in the office – yes, as a cleaning lady person!

Laugh it up! I’ll wait…

So yeah, after looking them up I realized that there was no point in calling. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough that I was excited about an interview there which they didn’t honour, I wasn’t about to call and beg for for another one.

What could have been

Probably 30 or so minutes after I decided not to call, I received a call about an interview. Two questions into the phone portion of the interview my cell dropped the call. Luckily I was able to call back and leave a message on the machine with my house phone number and received another call shortly.

The phone interview was going well until she asked,

“So are you done school… or? Going back in September maybe?”

Not wanting to lie, completely anyway, I responded,

“Well, I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier this past April and I’m planning to take some time off. Might apply to a few programs next year or so” – I had a smile on my face at this point.

She answered, with “Oh… Well, I’ll leave you with my number as we’re looking for permanent full-time employees. Call me back if things change and you think you want to be with us for a few years”

Now, her response would have been cool and all if we were talking about a legitimate job that paid at least $25/hr. But no, this job is for a call centre that pays $13.50/hr. Realistically, who the hell is trying to spend ‘a few years’ at a job like that with little to no opportunity for advancement?!

Needless to say I called back and left a message saying things have changed and I’m looking to be a Call Centre Lifer…

You would too!

Lifestyles of the Broke and Infamous

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It’s summer break again and I’m back in Whitby for the time being. For some reason I thought this summer might be a little different, but after 24 hours I soon realized what drove me to start this blog in the first place.. There’s nothing to do here!

In addition to that, you’d be surprised how many people still ask me if my blog is going to be updated this summer. I guess my 400+ readers of 2 summers ago still haven’t forgotten about me, and I’m going to have to figure out how to get every last one of you back ’cause we’ve got some srs bsns to discuss!

Still broke, still not famous…

Virgin Mobile’s “On The House” Environmental Challenge

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Dear Student’s living in Off-Campus Housing,

Last months leftovers? Pizza boxes? Tea bags? Coffee grinds? Pencil shavings? Paper plates? Smelly overfull garbage? You’re preaching to the right people and 43 Ezra has your solution. As part of the “On the House” Virgin Mobile contest the girls of 43 Ezra Ave have prepared an environmental solution for a common problem amongst university students. Did you know that the average human being produces 29 pounds of garbage per week and a whopping 1,600 pounds of garbage per year? The average Canadian sends one tonne of garbage to a local landfill every year and over 37% of that waste can be composted. As university students, we may appear to be the “average” human, but our consumption habits and thus the amount of waste we generate speak a very different story. All students, don’t you dare deny it. Student housing may provide us with recycling bins, but it is a proven fact that with a compost in our homes we can reduce our waste output by 1/3 and give back to the environment in so many positive ways! In our part of giving back to the environment and being environmentally conscious, the girls of 43 Ezra are getting a compost for our house and further are going to ask the landlord to place a larger scale compost in the backyard so that we can build a better, though maybe stinky environmentally friendly community and we are asking all of our neighbours to join us! We’ve contacted the Region of Waterloo Green Bin Organics Program and free of charge they are setting us up with a compost and you all can do the same! Check out this link!

Oh and don’t forget to vote for us by following this link! http://onthehouse.virginmobile.ca/en/team/43_ezra_unit_3/

That New New

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Summer is almost over, in fact, it’s already over for me. Whitby is a pretty uneventful place to spend 4 months at a time, so there was no question that my blog would go without any updates for awhile.

But for those of you that know me, you are fully aware that this is going to be my fourth (and hopefully final) year at Wilfrid Laurier University. That being said, I plan to go beyond my comfort zone this year and experience a bunch of things that I haven’t had a chance to do up to this point… And now that I have a camcorder it’s going to be hella interesting!

That’s all for now!

Official Release?! Official Release!

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The season premiere is here a bit earlier than expected. The reception of the mini episode was so really good and so I was inspired to finish the true first episode as soon as possible.

Check it out here:

Diaries of a Black-Yard Worker

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Yes, the pun was intended.

As you all know, I’ve recently gotten a job. Because this job has so much freedom, and is unusually cool compared to most summer jobs, I decided that I’d upload a weekly video log of what I’m doing out in the bush 40 hours a week.

Unfortunately I forgot to charge by battery before work this morning so this episode is pretty short.


Employment Dance

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The road to employment is long and treacherous in the town of Whitby. In the past few weeks I’ve been to every mall’s website in the area looking for vacancies. I’ve driven around town dropping resumes off at stores who’s ‘Help Wanted’ signs have been up since I was in grade 9. I’ve pretty much lived on Jobbank.ca where there are supposed to be a ton of jobs posted that are available only to poor students.

I mean I had pretty much done it all until I remembered that Kijiji sometimes has job postings for all the major areas in Ontario. Times being as hard as they are I figured I had no reason not to check it out. Amidst the 100 posts looking for nannies and sitters I found a link looking for a student to do some “yard work” so I sent in my resume.

A week later I was interviewed and offered the job… If you can even call it one.

My duties include:
– Riding a lawn tractor around a rich guy’s 13 acre lot
– Feeding his donkeys
– Cleaning up fallen branches, brush etc
– Paddling his boat up the river to ensure neighbours aren’t dumping garbage on his property
– Chilling at his antique car shop doing odd jobs

So basically my job is to listen to my iPod and dance all day. Can’t complain….

Actually, I can complain because I know that after one week of this I am going to be darker than dude from 300!

About To Make A REMIX~

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Coming SOON!